With numerous dance studios and programs in Colorado Springs, parents have a wide selection of options when it comes to choosing dance classes for their kids. Whether children are just starting or have previous dance experience, these studios provide a nurturing environment where they can learn, grow, and express themselves through the art of dance.
Dance studios offer a structured environment where children can receive professional instruction to develop their dance skills. Whether a child is a beginner or has prior experience, there are classes available that cater to various skill levels.
Dance is a powerful form of artistic expression, and these studios in Colorado Springs provide a space where children can explore and communicate their emotions, stories, and creativity through movement. When choosing a dance studio, parents should consider factors such as the studio’s reputation, instructors’ qualifications, class sizes, available dance styles, safety measures, and the overall atmosphere.

Where:5958 Stetson Hills Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80923 USA

EDA’s dance facility is designed to meet the needs of both dancers and their families.

From the spacious studios to the thoughtful amenities, the facility is a space where students can learn, practice, and grow in a supportive and safe environment. The Academy presents a diverse selection of classes tailored to various age groups and skill levels.

For the youngest dancers aged 18 months to 3 years old, there’s the “Intro to Dance” class that serves as a gentle introduction to movement and rhythm. The “Parent & Me” class offers an opportunity for parents and toddlers to bond while honing gross motor and listening skills in a nurturing atmosphere. Encouraging creativity within structure, “Lil Wiggles” sparks artistic exploration through creative movement. Moving on, “Kidlets” accommodates those in the Pre-K through 5-year range, offering an age-appropriate dance experience. “Tippy Toes” combines creative movement with ballet, fostering motor development, attentive listening, and a sense of musicality. In “Funky Tots,” preschoolers are introduced to the energetic realm of hip-hop, learning foundational skills in a dynamic manner. “Little Flippers” provides an engaging initiation into acrobatics and tumbling, catering even to the youngest dancers. “Lil Jazz” captures the essence of quick-paced enjoyment while teaching tap rhythms, motor skills, musicality, and dance fundamentals. Similarly, “Lil Tap” concentrates on jazz technique basics, along with motor skills, class etiquette, and spirited dance, all set to lively tempos. For those in kindergarten and 1st grade, “KidDance” offers an age-appropriate and progressive dance curriculum. Bridging the gap between introductory and more advanced ballet, “Bowties & Tutus” emphasizes grace and foundational steps. “Petite Tap & Jazz” brings alternating weekly doses of tap rhythms and jazz elements, keeping the pace vibrant. For an introduction to hip-hop’s rhythm and style, “Hippity Hop” delivers an exciting and energetic experience, perfectly balancing effort and enjoyment. Lastly, “Tiny Tumbling” caters to young dancers with a focus on flexibility, limbering, and strength building, fostering a solid foundation for dance growth.
For Kids 7 + The Academy offers these Classes: Ballet, Pointe or Pre-Pointe, Jazz, Acro, Tap, Musical Theater, Lyrical, Hip Hop, and Modern.

Where: 3279 S Academy Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80916 USA

Let’s Dance offers a diverse range of dance classes tailored to students of all ages, from 2 years old to adults. With an array of dance styles and levels, the academy aims to provide a comprehensive dance education.

Kids will Discover the elegance of ballet as they cultivate grace, technique, and poise, embodying the timeless art’s essence. They will engage with the rhythmic beats of tap dance, delving into precision and rhythm, and feel the vitality of jazz as kids express themselves through its dynamic movements, channeling energy into the dance.
Kids can embrace innovation through contemporary dance forms, where creativity takes center stage. For the proficient ballet dancer, elevating mastery with pointe work is a hallmark of advanced technique.
Let’s Dance Colorado offers classes to all ages, from toddlers to adults, ensuring diverse classes tailored to various levels and age groups. These include introductory classes, combinations like Tiny Tumble/Tap and Pre-Jazz/Pre-Tap, foundational training in Pre-Ballet/Pre-Tap and Beginning Ballet/Tap Combo, and individual tracks in Beginning Ballet, Beginning Tap, and Beginning Jazz. Progress further into Ballet I, Tap I, and Jazz I, followed by Ballet II/Pointe II and Jazz II. For the seasoned dancers, there’s the challenge of Advanced Ballet/Pointe, Advanced Tap, and Advanced Jazz. Fuse emotion and innovation in Contemporary/Lyrical sessions, or join their Adult Classes to explore dance at any age. One of the highlights is the annual Spring Recital, where students from each class and level showcase their hard work and dedication by performing choreographed dances they’ve learned throughout the year. This event allows students to shine on stage and share their progress with family and friends.
Let’s Dance Colorado provides a well-rounded dance education, offering various styles and levels to cater to its students’ diverse interests and abilities. The commitment to both technique and artistic expression ensures that students receive a holistic dance experience that nurtures their passion and growth.

Where:2120 Hollow Brook Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80918 USA

Kemper Dance Academy’s offerings cover a wide spectrum of styles, ranging from the elegance of Ballet to the lively energy of Jazz, the emotive storytelling of Lyrical, the rhythmic mastery of Tap, and the dynamic beats of Hip Hop.

This variety ensures that every dancer can find their passion and explore their creativity. KDA’s commitment to inclusivity shines through in each class, welcoming individuals from 18 months old to adulthood. 

This age-spanning approach fosters a sense of community where dancers of all ages can connect and grow together.

Instructors aren’t just educators; they’re mentors, role models, and sources of inspiration. Their dual role as experienced dancers and teachers means that they guide students not only in refining their dance techniques but also in building self-assuredness and a sense of accomplishment. KDA is more than a dance academy; it’s a nurturing space where students are given the tools to flourish both artistically and personally. Through the fusion of dance instruction, character-building, and a supportive community, KDA empowers dancers to excel not only on the dance floor but in their lives as well.

Where: 5735 Constitution Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80915 USA

Genesis Dance Conservatory is a place where dance education is a catalyst for personal and communal growth.

The Conservatory is focused on age-appropriate instruction, core values, and leadership development which speaks volumes about commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are prepared to excel in both dance and life. The Conservatory is centered on enriching the community of Colorado Springs through a dance program that is tailored to each age group, fostering excellence, creativity, and passion.

The Conservatory offers these Classes: Absolute Excellence Ballet (Ages 4-6), Absolute, Excellence Ballet/Jazz Combo (Ages 7-9), Absolute Excellence Hip Hop (Ages 10-13), CILA K-2nd Acro & Tumbling, CILA K-2nd Ballet/Jazz Combo, and CILA K-2nd Hip Hop.

Where: 8570 Criterion Drive #154 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 USA

Colorado Ballet Society is dedicated to its mission of offering aspiring dancers exceptional training in an environment that fosters individual growth and excellence.

Their dance performances, programs, and curriculum aim to cultivate a deeper appreciation for artistic expression and create a community that celebrates our achievements with shared joy.

At the Colorado Ballet Society, Acrobatic Dance is a captivating amalgamation of traditional dance forms and the precise athleticism of acrobatics. Characterized by its distinctive choreography, acro showcases a combination of classic dance techniques with elements of flexibility, stretching, balance, limbering, and tumbling. In this genre, dancers harmonize musicality, emotional resonance, graceful lines, and expansive extensions with the dynamic fluidity of acrobatic maneuvers, crafting a seamless fusion within the context of dance.

Broadway dance, a hallmark of musical theater productions, seamlessly blends diverse dance styles with theater and singing. Drawing from the rich tapestry of jazz, tap, ballet, modern, and contemporary movements, Broadway dance becomes a narrative cornerstone in musical plots. In our Broadway/Jazz class at CBS, jazz dance serves as the foundational technique. As students delve into an eclectic array of family-friendly musicals, they engage with a wide spectrum of theatrical movement styles. Classical Ballet forms the core of the Colorado Ballet Society’s curriculum, guided by the American Ballet Theatre’s National Training Curriculum. Starting as early as 2.5 years in our Sparkle and Superhero programs, students progress through levels, pre-pointe, and pointe classes, with a year-end performance for all to showcase their talents. Contemporary Dance classes fuse modern technique, ballet, and jazz elements. Dancers explore diverse movement styles, floor work, and spatial dynamics while focusing on alignment. Open to ages 7 and up, classes range from beginner to advanced, with all students performing in a year-end showcase. Exceptional students can audition for our Contemporary Dance Company, Connexus. Hip-hop dance encompasses street dance styles that originated from hip-hop culture and performed primarily to hip-hop music. This lively, energetic class nurtures individuality, creativity, and style while fostering coordination, confidence, and a diverse range of techniques. There are also, Jazz Dance Classes, Tap Dance Classes, Spanish Classical Dance Classes, Stretch & Strength Classes, and ​​Superheroes (Ages 4-7) Superheroes challenge stereotypes in early childhood dance, fostering strength, athleticism, and coordination in a boy-friendly environment (girls welcome). Through exciting adventures, students learn dance techniques while embodying determination. Capes and swords take precedence, and all students shine in a year-end performance. 

Where:1450 Cipriani Loop I Monument, CO 80132 USA

At SunDance, dance and gymnastics programs thrive under the guidance of dedicated and experienced instructors, some of whom have devoted over a decade to students.

An extensive range covering ballet, hip hop, recreational and competitive gymnastics, as well as a new cheer tumbling program. From toddlers to adults, there’s a class to suit everyone.

Competitive avenues enrich programs. On the dance front, there are Elite Ensembles, while gymnastics features girls’ USAG DEVO Compulsory and Optional teams, along with Boys JO Compulsory and Xcel Compulsory and Optionals. The positive impact made in the community fuels excitement for the future. 

Where:Springs Dance WEST at 4705 Centennial Blvd, 80919

Springs Dance offers dance classes designed for children and teenagers within the age range of 5 to 15.

The focus of these classes is to introduce new students to the foundational techniques of ballet, tap, and jazz. These engaging and age-appropriate programs aim to establish a solid dance foundation for participants. This category offers ballet, tap, and jazz classes for intermediate and advanced youth dancers. Students at the late beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels will have the opportunity to further develop their dance techniques and artistic skills as they progress through Springs Dance. These classes likely provide a platform for honing both technical expertise and artistic expression. For preschool-aged children between the ages of 2 to 4, Springs Dance offers a pre-dance program. This program is designed to cultivate a love for dance in young learners. Emphasizing both classroom skills and enjoyment, this preparatory program is likely a nurturing environment for preschoolers to explore dance while having fun. Springs Dance’s unique approach to education and personal growth pursuit of excellence is not centered around trophies, competitions, or waistlines. By avoiding these elements, a positive and inclusive atmosphere that promotes self-confidence build, overall well-being, and a healthy body image for all students.

Where:1352 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 USA

The Studio offers a variety of dance classes for kids, including ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary.

They focus on teaching proper technique and fostering creativity in a positive and inclusive environment. The studio also offers fitness classes specifically designed for kids, such as Zumba and yoga. Additionally, The Studio hosts birthday parties and dance-themed events for children. The Studio offers: Mini’s Classes Ages 3 1/2 – 5; Children’s Classes Ages 6-11 Youth Classes Ages 12-19

Where:1610 W. Garden of the Gods Rd. Suite 120, Colorado Springs, CO

The Peak School of Dance’s mission is to educate dancers in a positive and enjoyable environment. With accredited staff and a passion for dance, it offers classes from age 2 1/2 to adult, covering ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, lyrical, pilates, and more. 

TIPTOE Tots (Ages 2-5), a program crafted exclusively for The PEAK School of Dance. Designed to bring both professional expertise and motherly care, this curriculum combines basic dance steps and terminology with engaging music, props, and themes. TIPTOE offers tap, ballet, jazz, and tumbling, striking the perfect balance between structure and fun. A FREE Trial class to experience the excitement firsthand is available. Pre Level (Ages 5-7) – Ideal for budding movers with limited experience, offering ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, and acro classes. With a focus on basic terminology and step execution, engaging, age-specific sessions ensure proper alignment and a fun learning experience. Basic Level (Ages 8+) Classes – Designed for budding dancers, offering ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, and acro. These classes focus on fundamentals, teaching terminology, step execution, and alignment through engaging, age-specific sessions. Starting with Ballet Level 1, Jazz Level 1, and Int. Hip Hop is encouraged for all basic-level dancers. Levels 1-5 (Ages 8-18) – For experienced dancers, these levels feature training in ballet, pointe, variations, partnering, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary by their accredited staff. 

For those interested in joining Levels 1-5 classes, the school encourages scheduling a trial class before registration. The Ballet program (Ages 5-18) offers top-notch classical ballet training, focusing on alignment, terminology, and safe execution. The curriculum nurtures exceptional ballet dancers in a positive, nurturing environment that emphasizes individual strengths and artistic development.

Hip Hop classes (Ages 5-18) are tailored to various age groups, infusing high-energy sessions with street dance styles like breaking, popping, and locking. These classes prioritize rhythm and musicality, building strength and stamina while empowering students to master dynamic moves.

Jazz classes (Ages 5-18) highlight classic jazz technique, teaching isolations, syncopation, and grounded movement. Jazz and ballet curricula work in harmony, enhancing skills in both disciplines to create well-rounded dancers with strong technical foundations.

Lyrical/Contemporary classes (Ages 8-18) bridge ballet and jazz through lyrical, and explore modern movement in contemporary dance. This program ensures a comprehensive dance education, incorporating improvisation, partner work, and combinations to enhance execution and choreography skills. Prerequisite: Enrollment in at least one ballet class.

Tap classes (Ages 5-18) emphasize classical tap technique and terminology, nurturing rhythm, style, and sound development. Students delve into various tap styles, from Broadway to Rhythm tap in advanced levels, focusing on knee and ankle flexibility, coordination, and movement speed at both tiers

Where: Colorado Springs, CO 80907 USA

The Kids in Motion CS classes are one hour in duration and cover a diverse range of dance genres, including Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip Hop.

These classes are thoughtfully designed to align with several Colorado Content Standards. For Kindergarten, the emphasis lies on movement technique and performance (a.b.c.). For 1st Grade, the focus shifts to creative composition and choreography (a.b.c.). As for 5th Grade, the objective is to enhance dance skills across multiple genres, fostering a well-rounded dance education that caters to various developmental stages. 

Where: Colorado Springs, CO 80907 USA

Revolution Dance Academy offers a wide range of dance classes to suit every dancer’s journey.

The daily schedule includes Pre-Professional, Competitive, Non-Competitive Recreational, and Adult Dance Classes, ensuring a place for everyone with a passion for dance. For youngest dancers aged 3 to 7, engaging 45-minute Preparatory Dance classes, including Combo, Bitty Ballet, Jazzy Jazz, Tippity Tap, and Kiddie Bop. The energy of Hip Hop is also on offer. As dancers progress, the program caters to different age groups and skill levels, with Primary classes for approximately ages 8-12, Intermediate classes for ages 11-15, and Advanced classes for ages 13-18. Whether a budding enthusiast or a seasoned dancer, Revolution Dance Academy provides a nurturing environment for growth and artistic expression across various styles. The Annual Dance Recitals and Dance Competitions for all ages and styles are great opportunities to showcase student’s growth. While not all pursue dance careers, the Academy is dedicated to delivering professional training to all. Increasing weekly classes at higher levels maintains foundational techniques for advanced work, fostering excellence and fulfilling aspirations.

Where: 1759 S 8th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80905, USA

Synergy Dance Academy, located in Colorado Springs, is a premier dance studio with 15 years of experience.

Catering to all ages and abilities, accredited instructors offer diverse classes for ages 2 to adult. Beyond regular classes, it provides master classes, performances, private instruction, workshops, and more. Whether a student is taking their first dance steps or pursuing a pre-professional path, Synergy Dance Academy is a great place to enjoy dancing. Embark on a transformative journey that encompasses the essence of personal progress. Through Synergy Dance Academy, students embrace the art of self-expression, cultivate their creative potential, and engage in continuous artistic development. The Education framework not only refines dance skills but also nurtures essential qualities like teamwork, communication, and organization. With discipline and dedication, students shape a strong character, while respecting both themselves and others. As children immerse in the dance community discover the significance of self-care, wellness, and the pure joy of movement.

Where: 5229 Galley Rd. Colorado Springs, CO, 80915

Kids can explore the dance World through a diverse range of classes tailored to all ages and skill levels.

These Combo Classes offer a delightful introduction to dance for young students, nurturing their imagination and teaching the basics of Ballet and Tap techniques in an engaging environment. Jazz, drawing from Ballet, African Dance, and Swing, captivates with its energetic and rhythmical flair. Hip-hop unleashes high-energy street and break-dancing moves, reflecting contemporary pop culture expressions. Discover Contemporary and Lyrical styles, where emotional expression blends seamlessly with classical ballet and modern dance techniques. Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms, home technique, flexibility, and, grace, building strength, and coordination.

For those with aspirations in Pointe work, the Demi-Pointe class, open to ages 11+ with teacher approval, offers a unique opportunity. Demi-Pointe shoes strengthen and prepare students for future Pointe classes, fostering discipline and respect for their craft. Pointe, the pinnacle of ballet, requires advanced technique and strength, with enrollment in Ballet 5 a prerequisite. Tap classes develop rhythm and style, exploring Broadway and rhythm tap styles. Jazz Theater refines stage presence and acting, while Leaps and Turns focus on technique enhancement without recital performances. Discover your passion, technique, and expression through our comprehensive dance offerings.

Where: 7850 N. Academy Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Dance Unlimited has been a go-to destination for dance education in the Colorado Springs area. Their legacy is built on providing top-notch instructors, a joyful atmosphere, and classes tailored to every age group. Offering cater to dancers aged 3 to Adult.

Providing comprehensive instruction in various styles, such as Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Acro, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Musical Theatre. 

The Dance Unlimited also offers birthday celebrations. Their dedicated party host will expertly orchestrate an enjoyable dance class and party centered around the chosen theme. The birthday star and their friends will delight everyone with a mini-show they put on!

It lasts 2 hours of party time at their venue (30 minutes for decorating before the party). The full-service Setup and cleanup are handled also, Engaging structured dance class, Each guest receives a coupon for a free future dance class. Flexibility to bring the preferred food items.

They offer to Choose from these exciting party themes:

Ballerina Princess Party, Acro-tactic Party, Hip Hop Hooray Party, and All That Jazz

Make your child’s birthday a dance-filled extravaganza at Dance Unlimited!

Where:6414 North Academy Boulevard Colorado Springs Colorado 809018 USA

You can be a part of On the Break, which offers a large variety of classes such as Breakdance, Hip-hop, Acro, and Pilates, this Academy is unique. 

Welcome to the exciting world of breakdance for the youngest dancers, aged 2 to 6 years old! Little One’s classes are designed to be a delightful introduction to movement, coordination, and most importantly, fun! At this stage, the Academy prioritizes creating an enjoyable atmosphere where kids can express themselves freely. Their program focuses on nurturing basic movements and coordination, all while ensuring a joyful experience. As the students engage in classes, these little dancers will not only have a blast but also develop patience and foundational techniques. Kids will discover the essence of Traditional Hip Hop through their dynamic classes led by expert Master Instructors who specialize in teaching Hip Hop fundamentals. This class is a favorite among kids dancers, providing them with the chance to master new movements while engaging in a fulfilling workout. Discover “Get Up & Move,” a popular class loved by students. Combining Breakdance Dynamics into an Acro Curriculum, guided by a skilled instructor’s expertise, also offers a traditional Acro class separately.