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Great Music Classes For Kids in Colorado Springs

Music is a universal language that has the power to bring joy, foster creativity, and promote cognitive development in children. If you’re a parent in Colorado Springs, you’ll be pleased to know that there are various music classes available for kids in the area. These classes provide a fun and educational environment for children to learn and explore the world of music.

In Colorado Springs, there are several music classes available for kids that offer a range of educational and enriching experiences. Whether your child is just starting their musical journey or looking to further develop their skills, these music classes provide a supportive and inspiring environment. By enrolling your child in a music class, you are allowing them to explore their passion for music, develop new skills, and embark on a lifelong love of music.

Let’s explore some of the music classes offered in Colorado Springs that cater specifically to kids.


702 Chapel Hills Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Kids’ Music Playground

At the Kids’ Music Playground, they offer a variety of music workshops designed specifically for children. Their experienced instructors guide kids through interactive sessions where they can learn about different musical instruments, rhythm, and melody, and even compose their own songs. These workshops are tailored to different age groups, ensuring that every child can participate and enjoy the learning process.


Music Together- All Aboard Family Music

Music Together is a unique program that focuses on early childhood music education. This research-based program is designed to nurture a child’s natural enthusiasm for music through playful and interactive classes. Music Together classes in Colorado Springs provide a rich musical experience for children aged 0-5 and their caregivers.


849 N. Circle Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80909


Kindermusik is a globally recognized music and movement program for young children. Their classes are designed to foster the development of cognitive, physical, and social skills through music. In Colorado Springs, Kindermusik classes are available for children aged 0-7, catering to different age groups and developmental stages. With a focus on creativity and exploration, Kindermusik classes provide a fun and engaging musical experience for kids.


2902 Airport Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Access Music Lessons

At this music school, they believe that learning music should be an enjoyable experience. Their teachers create a supportive and nurturing environment where students can develop their musical abilities at their own pace. Experience the best music teachers in Colorado Springs by enrolling in their affordable music lessons.

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