The city parks always have one thing going for them: they’re totally free! And when parks have unique features and fun playgrounds, they instantly become our kids’, and ourselves, new favorite spot to spend the days!
These 5 best options in Colorado Springs will make you want to explore the city and visit a different one each day. Take a look at our top 5 parks and playgrounds in Colorado Springs:

America, The Beautiful Park

Where:126 Cimino Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Hours: Daily, 5 AM- 9 PM

If you happen to be walking by the western edge of downtown Colorado Springs or live nearby, you’ll run into this beautiful park where you can stay the entire day watching your kids play and enjoying a picnic with the family.

Children will love the fantasy playground that features spinner bowls, turntables, and hammocks, and there are many play areas for kids of all ages. But a playground and a nice picnic area are not all that America, The Beautiful Park has to offer; you will also find a fountain, walking and horseback riding trails, restrooms, waterfalls, slides, an aquatic center, and so much more!

Palmer Park

Where:  3344-3376 Paseo Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Hours: Daily, 5 AM- 9 PM

Palmer Park is probably one of the best parks you’ll ever visit.

It has incredible views of pikes peak, horseback riding, a fitness area, beach volleyball, biking trails, green areas, playgrounds, open spaces to run, excellent walking trails, and so much more. This is truly a great wilderness place in the middle of town! Don’t hesitate to plan a nice family day at Palmer Park!

Memorial Park

Where:1605 East Pikes Peak Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO
Hours: Daily, 5 AM- 11 PM

One thing this park doesn’t lack is space to run around, and kids can make the most out of it! 

This multi-use park has walking trails, volleyball courts, opportunities for fishing, picnic shelters, a playground, a skating area, gardens, fountains, and many areas to jog and walk!

You can also find an aquatic center, basketball courts, a bicycle velodrome, sand volleyball, and so much more!

John Venezia Community Park

Where: 3555 Briargate Pkwy. Colorado Springs

This is a very popular park in town and there are many reasons why; John Venezia Community Park has a ranch theme that little kids love!

Features include a large pavilion and picnic area with orchards and even a parking lot, an accessible playground, a spray ground called The Water Hole, a turf field, soccer field, hockey rink/basketball court, a small playground, restrooms, an amazing trail with two miles of sidewalks, and more! 

Now you have a new weekend plan with the family!

Nancy Lewis Park

Where: 2615 Logan Ave. Colorado Springs

Nancy Lewis Park has unique play equipment and plenty of green spaces to run around, enjoy a picnic, and simply have a great family time. 

You can sit by the pond and enjoy the day, or visit the waterfall area. Perhaps enjoy a game of volleyball with friends as well!