With the wild and unpredictable weather of Colorado, you never know just how early you need to bust out the boots and sleds. Although Denver is mostly flat, there are still some great hills right in Denver and beyond that offer some fantastic sledding without having to go into the mountains. Check out our list of the best FREE sledding in and around Denver and find the hill that’s best for you!


Ruby Hill Park

1200 W Florida Ave, Denver, CO 80223

This park is one of the go-to spots in Denver once the snow begins to fall! Ruby Hill offers a long and mellow hill that is perfect for sledders of all ages. This park also offers the ONLY free urban terrain park in the country for skiers and snowboarders! Be prepared for big crowds on snow day weekends, but know that it’s still always worth the trip.

Meadows Park

E Prairie Meadow Dr & Uinta St, Denver, CO 80238

One of the newer and less well-known of the Denver parks, Prairie Meadows is nearly 15 acres big and features a raised lawn that has a 30 ft hill. This is a great place to come if you live nearby, or if you want to escape the crowds of Robinson and Ruby Hill. The hill sizes here are also great for little ones, as they don’t require a very long trek back up to the top.

Barnum Park

500 S Hazel Ct, Denver, CO 80204

Featuring lots of great trails, a beautiful lake, dog park, bike park and playground, Barnum Park also has some super fun hills! Little sledders can have a fun and safe time at this park, as there are not many crowds and the hills are small. No need for speed is necessary at this park, and you won’t have to worry about other kids and families flying down the hills.

Robinson Park

200 Fairfax St, Denver, CO 80220

Robinson Park has been used for sledding for generations. It’s one of the best (and only) sledding hills you will find within the city limits of Denver. Robinson Park has multiple hills that vary in steepness, so you and the kids can find the perfect fit. This park is the perfect place to introduce little ones to sledding and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Harvey Park

2100 S Tennyson St, Denver, CO 8021

Harvey Park is a small park located in southern Denver and features a nice scenic lake with walking trails that surround it. There is a small hill here for some easy-going, laid back sledding once the snow falls. This park may not be too fitting for the thrill-seekers, but for young kids and those who want a safe and relaxing experience, it’s a great place to check out! 

Central Park – Stapleton

Martin Luther King Jr Blvd & Central Park Blvd, Denver, CO 80238

Boasting over 80 acres of fun activities for the whole family, the Stapleton Central Park is simply one of the best in all of Denver! Beyond the many cool features like their amphitheater, athletic fields, small lake, playground with climbing boulders, and many biking/hiking trails, this park also features a variety of sledding hills that vary in size and steepness to assure there is something for sledders of all skill levels!


Sledding Hill Park

S Kipling Pkwy & W. Ken Caryl Ave, Littleton, CO 80128

With a name like Sledding Hill Park, how could you pass this location up? Located in Littleton, this mostly undeveloped park’s main attraction is the terrain. The majority of the park is a north-facing slope, making it perfect for sledding! This park is very popular, but also very large so you shouldn’t have to worry about the crowds getting in your way.  This is one of the top sledding hills in and around Denver!


Scott Carpenter Park

1505 30th St, Boulder, CO 80303

Named after astronaut Scott Carpenter, this park inspires kids to be explorers and features an awesome rocket-themed playground! When it snows, kids will love the popular sledding hill that is wide and long, making it perfect for sledders of all ages. Little ones can sled here stress-free without worrying about going too fast.


Baseline Rd & 9th St, Boulder, CO 80302 – West of Meadow Trail

Sledding at Chautauqua Park at the base of the Flatirons has been a Boulder tradition going back many decades. Chautauqua Meadow, located near the Ski Jump Trail, was once a small ski-area and featured a tow rope from the late 40’s to the early 60’s. Today, it is one of the best sledding areas around. Be warned, this hill is steep and you will get some speed. Better suited for experienced, thrill-seeking sledders rather than beginners and little ones!

Foothills Community Park

800 Cherry Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

Foothills Community Park features over 60 acres of land and plenty of amenities that include multiple playgrounds, great rails and plenty of fields for sports. This is also a popular area for sledding, and features a variety of fun hills of different shapes and sizes. This is a popular area to bring the family for sledding fun, and for good reason! 

Harlow Platts Community Park

1360 Gillaspie Dr, Boulder, CO 80305

Located near the South Boulder Recreation Center, this park has lots of fun activities including a lake, playground, disc golf course, and plenty of trails. Although the hills at this park are not very steep, there are definitely some good spots for sledding. This is a great place to go to avoid Boulder sledding crowds, especially if you have little ones!


Heritage Dells Park

Crawford Cir & Kimball Ave, Golden, CO 80401

One of the prides of Golden, Heritage Dells Park features some great sledding! This park also has a great playground, basketball court, and trails. The terrain here varies, so you can find some easy-going warm up hills before you head over to the steeper terrain to pick up some speed!  This is one of the top sledding hills in and around Denver!

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